Advanced Gear

This is a Metagame Information page about some of the more advanced or bizarre equipment the players have encountered to date.

Military Powered Armor – Coming in three varieties of increasing size and power, Powered Armor drastically narrows the gap between Metahuman and Battle Tank. Used most famously by Renraku Red Samurai, who have a specialized version of it all of their own, it’s mere presence indicates an escalation of the threat environment so extreme that any further moves should be taken with extreme caution. It’s minimum Ballistic/Impact armor rating is 14/12, and almost always includes a number of unpleasant enhancements – gyro stabilization, speed and strength upgrades, and independent weapon arm-mounts just to name a few.

Lasers! – Several kinds of Lasers have made a brief appearance, most notably in the hands of Balseraphim’s companion (who had a rapid firing, high powered rifle form). They cover the whole range of conventional weapons, from pistol to ship-mounted missile replacement.

Gauss Weapons – Even more rare than lasers, Gauss weapons use magnetic coils to fire simple metal rods with devastating power and accuracy. The only man-portable version is the size of an assault cannon, and was only seen in the hands of a Renraku Red Samurai – not fired.

The Spear of Odin (Allegedly) – Technically, the spear that kills Odin in Norse Mythology. Regardless, it’s a very powerful Artifact, though it’s exact properties are unknown, save for two: 1) Just holding it confers a certain resistance to the effects of drain, even without bonding it, and 2) it’s worth a shitload of money.

Advanced Gear

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