A tall, somewhat heavy-set troll with several large scars on his face and arms. Little is known about him, save that he is an extraordinarily powerful wizard and more-than-accomplished bowman. He favors injection arrows loaded with Cyanide, and has used both these and his mystical prowess to kill several extremely high-profile and well protected targets.

After some legwork, the characters have also discovered that the Troll has done numerous other jobs through various fronts, using his skills to both do the job and disguise his involvement. He also has an enormous bounty on his head – most of the major syndicates want his head, and the total payout for the troll’s corpse is about 800,000 Nuyen from various criminal organizations. Rumor has it others would like to have a word with him as well, including Lofwyr, the Great Dragon who runs Saeder-Krupp.

Recently, he’s been known to work with a partner: a female elf who excels at infiltration. Their exact relationship is unknown, but working together they recently put the shine on a group of Renraku’s investors, as well as an entire contingent of Red Samurai guards.

Metagame Information: Balseraphim is a wetworks specialist, and has demonstrated his ability to wipe the floor with runners (be they ever so competent) who aren’t in his league. He is a mage with an initiate grade of at least 3 (though it seems likely it’s higher). He has taken down Mob Bosses, Corp Managers, and defeated virtually every kind of corporate security force—up to the dreaded Red Samurai of Renraku and the Saeder-Krupp Paladins. He prefers not to kill Shadowrunners, as he sees them as colleagues, but will put down anyone who threatens his job.

His mysterious Partner trundles around with a suit of rapidly deploying Powered Armor that collapses down into a standard rolling suitcase.


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