Friends and Foes


Richard Valerius – Fixer Extraordinaire and a near-permanent fixture of the Boston underground scene.

Toro Hashimoto – Your local Yakuza Wakagashira.


Balseraphim – Legendary Shadowrunner and Mystic-For-Hire.

Loki – Leader of the Winternight Terrorist organization. Apparently transformed by the Blood of Odin super-drug and the ghoul virus into something entirely different from either.

Shi Meng—Triad Boss, 14K Triads.

Long Chung—Traid Boss, Sun Yee On Triads.

Kot Su – Triad Warlord, aka “The Cobra”

Antonio Piccio – Iro-Italian Mafia Lieutenant.

Just Business

Tucker Brothers (Jethro and Hill)—Appalachian Rednecks. Mechanics, Demolitions, and Chemists. Not fond of “The Gub’ment”

Ms. Johnson—A blonde elf bombshell with a surprisingly common name. Her jobs tend to feature a lot of words like “Hazard Pay” and “Keep your damn mouth shut.” Despite that, the payoff is usually worth it.

Friends and Foes

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