Richard Valerius

“Just Rich.” Richard’s business is to know everyone worth knowing, and business is good. He’s been on both ends of the Shadowrunning business for nearly 50 years, and has developed a web of contacts that spans the globe. From the latest Tri-D bootlegs to Military Tanks, Rich can make get it into your hands—for the right price. He’s also one of Bostons more affluent citizens, and owns several hotels, restaurants, and a casino downtown.

Richard himself is a tall, handsome man who has recently undergone gene therapy, fixing his apparent age at around 40. He generally wears a hand-tailored coal-grey suit, complementing his gray hair. He wears a wedding ring, and has no visible cyber- or bio-ware. Nearly as constant as any of his clothing or jewelry is his personal bodyguard, a massive troll named Throk.

When things get ‘hot’, Richard changes fairly dramatically, and his experience leading groups is clear for anyone to see. He also has access to extremely advanced gear, as evidenced by his body armor (which, while old and scarred, is visibly superior to anything the players have come across short of military-grade powered armor) and a personal commlink so advanced it looks, to quote one runner, “Alien.”

Meta-Game Information: Richard is a fixer with a connection rating of 8. He has demonstrated a very strong sense of morality, especially when he ventured out with the players to help deal with the threat posed by Winterknight. He generally counsels reserve and subtlety over killing and smashing, and will go so far as to actually hinder characters who demonstrate to much contempt for the lives of others—especially innocents. Personally, Richard is a supremely competent hacker and a fair shot with a pistol, but it is his vast web of friends, allies, and a veritable litany of favors that he’s owed that contribute to his personal power.

Richard Valerius

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