Shadows of Boston

This is the main page for the Shadowrun game being run by Schwami currently. It takes place in Boston, MA in the year 2070, and the in-game date is currently in August.

Shadowrun is a combination of D&D and future-science, and includes many elements of both cyberpunk and fantasy, including Magic, Cybernetic and Organic limb/organ replacement and upgrades, Dragons, and the like.

The purpose of this page is to inform runners and the GM of previous runs, encountered NPCS, and general info. Click around!

Some pages have Metagame Information:. This information is known by the group or accessible to any character with the interest to learn it, but can represent things like stats, connection ratings and the like that have no place in the “In Character” descriptions. In all cases, if it’s on this wiki, it is assumed the characters have come across or know it, even if it’s not brought up specifically in gameplay.

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Shadows Of Boston